Welcome Talia!

July 23, 2019

Talia has joined us as a 2019 Summer Intern, she is looking forward to diving into the landscaping and nursery industries. An East Bay native, Talia is currently attending classes at Diablo Valley College where she is pursuing a degree in Business. After agreeing to take an Introduction to Horticulture class with a friend, she immediately fell in love with plants and the study of horticulture, and soon after vowing to take as many courses as she could with her esteemed professors, Bethallyn Black and Michelle Eyestone. She strongly believes that we should all strive to reconnect ourselves with nature, embrace the biodiversity of wild landscapes, and learn the roles that native plants play in our environment.

Talia has been learning many roles during her time with us at Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery, from front counter sales to plant photography. Join us in welcoming her to our team, and stop by the nursery to say hello!