By placing an order, you signify your acceptance of the following Terms of Sale. Please take a moment to read through our terms and policies.
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All prices are subject to change without notice.
Terms are cash on delivery unless buyer has obtained prior credit approval. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) shall be paid on all past due accounts. For 4″ plants and flats of all sizes (annuals, perennials, groundcovers, etc.), a 100% deposit is required at confirmation of order and plants will only be held for 7 days past the original request date.


Warranty of goods is neither express nor implied, as to variety, description, life, or productivity of any nursery stock.
Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery assumes no responsibility for plant performance to any customer (either direct or indirect). Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery will, under no circumstances, bear any responsibility for any amount greater than the original purchase price of the plant or other item. No liability will be assumed for any contingency beyond our control.


Plants that are in basic stock, have been pulled, and are then cancelled are subject to up to 50% restocking fee. Brokered plant material purchased to fulfill an order and then cancelled are subject to up to 100% restocking fee.


We do not accept returns of annual color, 4″ plants, groundcover flats, special order items, or any plants that have been planted. If cancelled or returned, these items will incur a 100% restocking fee.
All qualifying return stock must be healthy and undamaged, in the original containers, within 2 weeks of the purchase date. Exceptions must be approved by a manager. A minimum of 10% and up to 50% restocking fee will be charged on all returns.
All inquiries for replacement or credit must be made by a qualified company; no credit will be given directly to our client’s customers.


Delivery is curbside and requires customer assistance to unload. Our drivers will not “spot” plants in the yard.
Delivery is provided at a charge based on the delivery location and order composition.
The delivery must be received by a member of the company who has ordered the material. A signature is required to confirm that the correct quantities and plants have been received, and accepted in their current condition.
Up to 20% of invoice unloading fee will be assessed to all deliveries where adequate unloading assistance is not provided.
36″ box or larger material requires special equipment to unload. Arrangements must be made prior to delivery. A Devil Mountain operated crane truck is available for an additional fee. Or customer must provide their own equipment.
Customers without credit accounts must place at least a 50% deposit before delivery.

Business Practices

Devil Mountain is a nursery and brokerage, not open to the general public. We sell strictly to landscape professionals and other commercial plant users.
Devil Mountain does not provide any sort of consultation services. Because we are a nursery open to landscape professionals, it is assumed that our customers are knowledgeable about the plant material they are selecting.
We discourage our customers from sending their clients to the nursery unescorted. There are no specific personnel who can make choices or offer advice for a client’s landscape solution, so it is imperative that the landscaper accompany their clients to the nursery. Pricing will not be released to clients unless we receive permission from our professional customers, who have active customer accounts already established.