Specimen Trees


Specimen Trees are large-scale trees or shrubs that offer the ability to cut years off the growing time needed for a mature look, and we find many designers now using them to deliver a finished appearance. These trees may be nursery-grown, field dug, or a combination of both during their life. Specimen trees can be used as a focal point, can be planted throughout a landscape to provide instant maturity, or can replace a dead or dying tree in a mature landscape.

Our Specimen Trees or Shrubs are available in 60” boxes or larger. Most are grown in our Fillmore and Farmington locations and are then stocked in your local store.

Devil Mountain also has an inventory of one-of-a-kind Specimen Trees that are field collected, resulting in unique trees that are artistic, sometimes asymmetrical, and with a distinctive character. These trees are grown in 72" box up to 132” box and are marked by individual tag numbers.

Download our new Specimen Tree Guide below for step by step information on selecting, transporting, and planting specimen trees.