Leucadendron argenteum



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About This Product

Botanical Name: Leucadendron argenteum

Common Name: Silver Tree

An evergreen tree with an upright, conical form and an irregular spreading habit at maturity. Bark is gray. Lance-shaped, light green leaves are densely coated in silky hairs than shine silver in sunlight. Male and female flowers are cone-like and appear on separate plants at branch tips. Male flowers emit a vanilla-scent and are composed of pinkish-yellow florets, tightly packed in the shape of a golfball. Female flowers resemble a small artichoke-like globe and produce a nut after fertilization.

USDA Zone: Zones 9 - 11

Sunset Zone: Zones 16, 17, 20 - 24; H1

Mature Height: 25 - 40 feet

Mature Width: 15 - 25 feet

Water Needs: Moderate

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