What plants do you sell?

We sell high-quality plants of almost every kind! We have hundreds of thousands of plants in our nurseries at any given time. If we don’t already have something in stock, we’ll get it for you.

Our plants are well cared for by our expert nursery staff and checked before delivery or will call pickup for quality and health.

We carry sizes from 4” annuals and perennials up to 48″ box and larger specimen trees and can order 60″ and 72″ box trees as needed. We carry plants in a variety of forms—multi, staked, patio tree, standard, and espaliers.

Below is a partial list of plants we sell:

  • Drought Devils
  • California native plants
  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Succulents
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Conifers
  • Ferns
  • Fruit Trees
  • Palms
  • Grasses
  • Topiaries
  • Roses
  • Vines
  • Bamboo
  • Cactus
  • Sod
  • Vegetables & Herbs
  • Bulbs

Do you carry California native plants?

Yes, of course! We have over 600 California native plants, from Acer circinatum to Yucca baccata.

What are Drought Devils plants?

Plants identified as Drought Devils  are “Low” and “Very Low” water users in accordance with WUCOLS (Water Use Classification of Landscape Species). All Drought Devils are approved to meet Bay-Friendly/ReScape California’s standards for sustainable landscaping.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff have identified over 3,200 plants as Drought Devils, and we have a free list of the Top 100 Most Popular Drought Devils.

Do you carry deer-resistant plants?

We carry many plants that deer will not find tasty, but there may be no such thing as a deer resistant plant. Generally, deer do not prefer leaves that are fuzzy, tough and leathery, prickly, or strongly aromatic. However, what a deer chooses to graze on is dependent on many factors including time of year, availability of food, the location of the plant near a well-used path, or how hungry the animal is. Deer may be less picky about what they eat in late summer when the landscape is dry, grazing on any plants with moisture in their leaves.

How do I find out what plants you have available now?

Log in to your online account and search the Plant Catalog for the most accurate inventory.

Our inventory changes from minute to minute, so we’ll still have to verify items in the yard. Send your list to sales@devilmountainnursery.com or call your store to ask our support staff to look up an item or two for you.

If you’re looking for a larger availability list, specified by genus, then we can produce one for you. For example, you can ask us for a list of all 15-gallon apple trees currently in stock. Email your requests to sales@devilmountainnursery.com.

Why are prices not posted on the plant containers?

Because we are a wholesale nursery. Send us your plant list or stop by our sales office and we’ll be happy to prepare an estimate for you. Pricing information is also available on our website anytime for store customers who have set up online account access.

Online Access

How do I get a username and password for the online store?

First, you need to create a customer account with Devil Mountain. If you haven’t done this, complete a Customer Application Form.

If you’re already a registered Devil Mountain customer, create your online account here. Please complete all the fields, especially your company name (or your 4-digit customer number, if you know it).

You will receive an email shortly after you submit the form with the username you selected and a temporary password. Once you log in with this temporary password, we encourage you to change it to something you will remember.

Why is there a delay between applying for online account access and receiving an email with my username and password?

Receiving an access email with a username and password is not an automated process. When you apply, we first verify that you are an existing customer with an established account with us. If you have terms set up with us, we link your customer account with your online account so you can virtually access your A/R account from your computer.

Real people do this work during normal weekday business hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.

I’m having issues with the website. Who do I contact?

To reach a member of our website team, send an email with your contact information and a description of the issue to webstore@devilmountainnursery.com. To talk with someone in person, call Michele at (925) 829-6006 ext. 137, or Becky at (925) 829-6006 ext. 144.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

If everything you want is in stock at the yard you want to pick it up from, we can fill your order within hours – some customers even call on their way to the yard!

If your order contains plants that are at our other yards, we can transfer within one or two days depending on ag department inspections and the time your order is placed.

If your order contains plants from one of our vendors, it may take longer than a few days but one of our salespeople will communicate with you every step of the way.

Whenever possible, please give us as much lead time as you can.  More time gives us the best chance to source your hard to find plants and/or find appropriate substitutions.

What is your return policy?

For most regularly stocked items, we accept returns if the item is unplanted, healthy and undamaged, in the original container, and within 2 weeks of the purchase date. A restocking fee of up to 50% may be charged for returns.

We cannot accept returns for:

  • special-ordered items
  • 4″ plant material
  • annual color
  • anything that has been planted

For more information, please see our Policies & Terms.


Where can you deliver?

We deliver throughout Northern California and the Bay Area. See Deliveries for more detail. We will deliver any day of the week except Sunday.

I’m expecting a delivery. How do I know when the truck will arrive?

Our dispatch department will contact you around 3 pm the day before your scheduled delivery date. On the day of your delivery, our driver will contact you approximately 20 minutes before he is due to arrive at your site.

Do I need to be on-site to accept a delivery?

Yes, you—or another member of your company—needs to be present for delivery and to assist with unloading. You will be asked to sign for your order to acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the quantities, condition, and types of plants delivered.

I have larger boxed material on my delivery order. Do I need special equipment?

Yes. Prior to delivery, please arrange to have special equipment available and extra people (do not include the homeowner) to assist with unloading. Please follow these guidelines:

  • 24” box weighs 250-725 lbs and requires two (2) capable persons (optional bobcat)
  • 36″ box weighs 850-1500 lbs and requires three (3) capable persons plus a Bobcat, fork lift or front loader
  • 48” box weighs 2250-6000 lbs and requires four (4) capable persons, plus a fork lift or front loader
  • 60″ box weighs 3500-8000 lbs and requires four (4) capable persons, plus a crane lift, heavy duty tractor or a heavy-duty front loader

You can reserve our Devil Mountain operated Crane Truck for an additional fee, or provide your own equipment.

Customer Questions

Do you sell to the public?

No, we don’t sell to the public. We are wholesale only to landscape trade professionals, including:

  • Landscape architects and designers
  • Landscape contractors
  • Maintenance gardeners
  • Arborists
  • Municipalities
  • Property Managers
  • Home builders/developers
  • General Contractors
  • Schools and universities
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • Wineries/vineyards
  • Public Gardens

If you’re a homeowner, we invite you to use our online resources to find a landscape professional to assist you with your project.

How do I become a customer?

As a wholesale business, we only serve other businesses. If you’re a landscape professional, please complete the Customer Application Form to apply for a wholesale account. Read more­ on Becoming a Customer.

How can I set up credit terms (an A/R account)?

Registered customers can use the Credit Application to apply for a credit account. Unless credit terms are established, invoices must be paid with cash, check or credit card.

Do I need a contractor or business license to qualify for a customer account?

No, you’re not required to have a contractor or business license to open an account with us, but doing so makes it easier for us to verify your status as a trade professional. Customer account approval is up to the discretion of the Sales Manager.

Visiting Us

Can I bring a client to Devil Mountain to choose plants for their project?

Yes, of course. It is often helpful for clients to visit the nursery to help visualize their project or to work with you to hand select specimen plants.  For your clients’ best experience, however, it is important that you come with them to guide them through the yard and discuss their options. While it may be tempting to send your client to the nursery without you, it truly is in your best interest to accompany them so they get the extra care and assistance they will need to navigate the yard and make plant selections.

My gardener/landscaper told me to go to Devil Mountain to pick out plants that I want. Can I do that?

You must be accompanied by your gardener/landscaper. We are not staffed to provide the service and attention that you need and deserve. Pricing will not be released to you without permission from your tradesman.

Do you accept used plant containers for recycling?

No, not at this time. However, visit recyclewhere.org for a list of places to drop off plastic plant pots for recycling.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are welcome in our nurseries. Please keep your pets on leash at all times and clean up after your pet.