Cuphea hyssopifolia 'Alba' (White)



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About This Product

Botanical Name: Cuphea hyssopifolia 'Alba'

Common Name: White False Heather, Mexican Heather, Hawaiian Heather

A compact and tidy evergreen shrub. Profusely re-blooming flowers are small, star-shaped and white. Leaves are small, glossy and lance-shaped. Stems are reddish-brown. Attracts pollinators.

USDA Zone: Zones 9 - 11

Sunset Zone: Zones 16 - 24; H1, H2

Mature Height: 1 - 2 feet

Mature Width: 3 - 5 feet

Light Needs: Full Sun, Filtered Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Water Needs: Regular

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