What is a Specimen Tree?

March 16, 2022

What is a Specimen Tree?

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery – Sunland, CA

Specimen Trees are large-scale trees or shrubs that offer clients the ability to cut years off the growing time needed for material to provide project sites a mature look, and we find many designers now using them throughout the project to deliver a finished appearance.  These trees may be nursery grown, field dug, or a combination of both during their life.  Often used as focal points, these trees require special handling, transportation, and planting.

Depending on your perspective and experience, the term “Specimen Tree” can refer broadly to any tree or shrub growing in a 36” box or equivalent plastic container or larger, or a B & B (balled and burlap) with over 2” caliper.  However, at Devil Mountain we narrow this classification to include trees or shrubs growing in a 60” box or #200 plastic container or larger, or in the ground with a caliper over 4”.  Most of these trees are grown in our Fillmore and Farmington locations, and then stocked in your local Devil Mountain store.

Devil Mountain also has a nursery location in Sunland, CA that is dedicated solely to Specimen Trees grown in 72″ box up to 132” box.  These trees are one-of-a-kind specimens marked by individual tag numbers.  Most are field collected, resulting in unique trees that are artistic, often asymmetrical, and with unique character.  Our Sunland nursery is open by appointment only. Please talk to your salesperson to schedule a visit!

Featured Specimen Trees

132″ Pinus halepensis #29473
36′ H x 28′ W


108″ Quercus agrifolia #30073
22′ H x 17′ W


72″ Swan Hill Olives® Tree #30151
16′ H x 8′ W