Crane Truck Service

Devil Mountain offers crane truck delivery service for purchased material in 24” boxes and larger and up to 60″ box trees. Call (925) 829-6006 or email for more information or to schedule service.

Truck Specs

  • Street/driveway clearance required: 17’
  • Minimum vertical clearance required: 25’ – 30′
  • Total truck length: 35.6’

Terms and Guidelines

  • Crane truck delivery fee is a minimum of $275 for up to 2 hours. Each additional hour billed at $175. Time begins upon arrival on site.
  • Pre-inspection of delivery site may be necessary to check accessibility and other conditions that may impede proper use of crane.
  • The customer is required to provide the appropriate number of persons on-site associated with the largest size box material being delivered. See table below.
  • A service charge of up to 20% of the total invoice amount will be assessed to all deliveries with inadequate unloading assistance. Boxed material will not be taken off the truck, and an additional fee will be assessed to re-deliver the boxed material. (Capable persons on-site to assist unloading does not include the homeowner).
  • Crane truck will only be used for large boxed or B&B plants. If the order includes smaller plants, i.e. 5 and 15 gallon containers, an additional truck will be needed, and additional delivery fees will be applied.