Drop by Devil Mountain San Ramon to see our Pop-up Plant Display of Western tree and shrub species that will happily withstand the future of rising temperatures, increased water restrictions, and recycled/grey water irrigation.

Stewart Winchester will be on hand that day to answer questions and to demonstrate the ‘new’ root system that improves drought tolerance.

You’ll walk away with a plant list and a greater understanding of these native and “near native” trees and shrubs and their suitability for landscapes of the future.

Trees & Shrubs for Future Climates:

  • Are more drought-tolerant
  • Tolerate rising temperatures
  • Establish well in clay soils
  • Provide fall color
  • Sequester carbon
  • Demonstrate greater fire resistance
  • Need less maintenance

Stewart Winchester is an instructor at Merritt College as well as an arborist, designer, and horticultural consultant. His areas of expertise include trees, California native plants, and Mediterranean plants.