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As a wholesale nursery, we work exclusively with other businesses, including landscape designers and architects, wineries, schools, and the like.

If you’re a retail customer in search of plants to fit a landscape project at your home, use the resources below to help you find the right professional or garden center.

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A licensed landscape contractor has education and experience in all aspects of landscape installation. Range of skills includes irrigation, plant selection and placement as well as new construction. Many are skilled in design as well.

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Find a Landscape Designer

A landscape designer is most like a landscape architect although they are most often associated with residential landscape. Landscape designers are skilled in plant selection and placement. This includes artistic and functional application of plants as well as landscape rehabilitation and beautification.

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Find a Landscape Architect

A licensed landscape architect is educated in the art, engineering and science of landscape development. All aspects of land management are their specialty. Landscape architects are qualified for large commercial jobs and parks, as well as home landscapes.

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Find an Arborist

These companies offer pruning service for established trees. Certified Arborists are most often educated in plant physiology and plant science. They are highly skilled in all aspects of tree culture, from rooting to canopy development as well as tree nutrition.

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Bay-Friendly Qualified Professionals

A Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional is committed to practices that reduce waste and pollution, and conserve our natural resources. All members have established landscape design or construction practices and have participated in comprehensive training programs dedicated to a holistic approach to the management of a landscape. The primary goal of this organization is to lessen the impact of conventional landscape practices on the environment by providing landscape professionals with the knowledge and resources to create beautiful, healthy, and sustainable gardens.

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The above professional organizations are provided as resources only. Please keep in mind that we can’t provide recommendations or endorsements for specific landscape designers, contractors, architects or arborists.