Custom Growing Contracts

Custom Growing Contracts

Custom growing contracts with Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery ensure that the plants you need are available when you need them, at a guaranteed price, and grown to your specifications. Whether you are specifying larger quantities or hard-to-find plants, let’s work together to provide quality plants for your project.

We can contract grow Sunset Western Garden Collection plants, Encore Azaleas, and Proven Winners plant lines – contact us with your needs!


  • High quality plants from a trusted grower
  • Specify quantities and sizing
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Plants are available when you need them

You can specify shape, size, and even how plants are to be grown, giving you ultimate control over the finished look of your landscape. Plants will be grown at our Clements growing ground and will be available at the time specified in the contract, which helps prevent construction delays due to a lack of availability. And guaranteed pricing helps projects stay within budget.

Get Started

If you have sufficient time before your installation and would like to discuss a Custom Growing Contract, we’d love to help you! Please contact us at