Organics Alive Premium Soil Amendment



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Inventory changes throughout the day, so this does not guarantee immediate availability. We may be able to source or transfer items not currently in our inventory. Due to CDFA regulations, material in Carmel Valley, Orange, Redondo Beach, San Juan Capistrano, and Vista cannot be transferred to Northern CA.

About This Product

Organics Alive Premium Mix is a rich soil amendment that includes Organics Alive worm castings, pure vegetable compost, fossilized kelp kelzyme and powdered volcanic rock mineral. These ingredients have been specifically chosen and carefully measured for the optimal balance of biological growth and supplementation of soil nutrients. Organics Alive Premium Mix is designed to encourage long term soil sustenance for season after season progression. This progression is directly related to the enhancement of microbial activity and the addition of biological food sources. Organics Alive Premium Mix will encourage lush and vigorous plant growth, optimal health and an earth-friendly method of gardening. Organics Alive Premium Mix contains pure vegetable compost. Our vegetable compost has been composted using high diversity microbial solution and has a Carbon,Nitrogen ratio of 30:1. The C:N ratio of compost is critical for biological multiplication. Worm castings have a calcium carbonate

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