Meet the Leucophyllums

July 31, 2014

Devil Mountain is pleased to be expanding our inventory of Leucophyllums, a genus we have just begun to carry in the past three years. Originally from the southwestern US and Mexico, this evergreen shrub tends to have a compact and rounded habit, and looks great as a single specimen, or massed as a low hedge. Heat and drought tolerant, and can thrive in salty or sandy soils. It boasts an abundance of flowers in pink, lavender, purple, and white.

(from left to right: L. x ‘Heavenly Cloud’, L. laevigatum ‘Summer Snow’, L. frutescens ‘Compacta’, L. langmaniae ‘Lynn’s Legacy’, L. langmaniae ‘Rio Bravo’)

Visit our Leucophyllums page in order to view more photos, plant information, and place an order through our website.