Location Changes at Devil Mountain

November 7, 2014

Take a look at this nursery map to see where the following houses are located. And please note the plant groups below, when searching for items in our nursery.


  • All ferns
  • tropicals like Tibouchina, Clivia, Fatsia, Stelitzia, Abutilon, Zantedeschia, Aspidistra, Brugmansia, etc.


  • All citrus, avocados, and other subtropical fruits
  • Podocarpus


  • All tender succulents
  • lantanas


  • tender vines like Bougainvillea, Clytostoma, Campsis, Hardenbergia, Jasminum polyanthum, Pandorea, Solanum jasminoides, Thunbergia, Mandevilla, Ficus pumila, Grewia, and Passiflora, etc.
  • Salvias